Francois Botha


Entrepreneur and digital leader, Francois is passionate about how the evolution of the online world can improve the lives of everyone. Ensuring QUICK constantly delivers work that grows clients' businesses, he brings to every project a rich network of resources and experience beyond his years. He studied a Bachelors in Strategic Marketing Communications at AAA School of Advertising, is a member of every online social network you can think of and allegedly once held the 'entire internet' in his left hand. He also believes the goal is to not simply "work hard, play hard," the goal is to make your work and your play indistinguishable.

Rachael Allen

Client Service

Producer and project manager of note, Rachael brings endless energy and British charm to the team. Passionate about the online world and its video element and highly efficient in her work, what MacKenzie is to Newsroom, Rachael is to our office. In fact, they even look similar. She (Rachael, not MacKenzie) studied Honours in Film & TV Production at Aberystwyth University and when not getting sh*t done in the office or helping us pronounce the name of her university, is either horse riding, running, mountain biking and generally being active.



We understand your requirements, research your market and gain knowledge of how they interact – and importantly, how you'd like to interact with them. Then we plan and define the ideal solution, a process that evolves as we work, to ensure the end result is the best possible result. Whether your requirements demand a website, .mobi site, application or to develop a complete digital strategy, QUICK can deliver detailed designs and specifications.


From the simplest blog-based websites to intricate content management systems and CRM projects, our technical capabilities allow us to develop solutions quickly and cost-effectively. Once built, thorough testing and client reviews ensure our work is launched only when ready. Once live, QUICK also helps you manage and grow your resources effectively.


Whether your requirements demand a website, .mobi site, application or to develop a complete digital solution, QUICK can deliver detailed designs and specifications. Not only that, but we bring added value through a basket of services like bulk mail software, online marketing campaigns and digital strategies to best position your brand online.


To ensure your online services are always operational, we handle first level support for all clients. Our objective is to respond and effectively deal with queries or any technical issues immediately, understanding how companies rely on these services to function. And no automated responses or foreign call centres - you always deal directly with us, from our office in Cape Town.

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